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What is Tantra?

TANTRA - The highest insight

Tantra is not a science, not religion. Tantra is a spiritual path of experience, without dogmas and creeds. Tantra is "a knowledge of life" and "a way of life." Tantra as a kind of life to look and live "was developed over 2000 years ago by Buddhist monks in Tibet, pointing to a spiritual way to get sex, love and consciousness in line. Tantra says that sexuality and spirituality "the two sides have the same energy. Tantra therefore affirms the sexual energy because this energy can be used for the internal transformation process. Tantra affirms our desire and our sexuality, without being determined to go to. Tantra is much more. Tantra opens for love and consciousness.


The Tantra of Shiva and Shakti

The original Tantra is a spiritual system in which sexual love is sacred. In the Tantric scriptures certain sexual rituals, exercises and meditations are described, in the form of a dialogue between the Hindu god Shiva and his consort Shakti. This original Tantra can not be transmitted without modification to the present day. For this reason, different "kinds of Tantra have developed and tried every tantra school" her Tantra Tantra as the right to sell. In the following discussion, I try to represent all Tantric schools shared views. They differ mostly in the emphasis on certain content and set different priorities.

Tantra touches ...
those who are experienced in Tantra loving manner.

The deep longing to be loved and accepted is in Tantra much space. In the carefully-tantra space of experience leads us to greater self-love and shows us how we can love other people to your heart.

In the "Tantra" may be all that
we experience our wholeness,
our love,
our nature as sexual beings and
our consciousness.

We get to our inner child, inner adult to know
play with our Mann-/Frau-Sein,
with sensuality and security,
with boundaries dissolve and set,
with solidarity and solitude
with closeness and distance.

Tantra is - for your life ...

- A conscious "yes" to you, with all what you are and
show - is, as you are, with all your vulnerability
- Just to be there at the moment
- Awareness, meditation and silent release
- A way to lovingly accept your fears and limitations
- A route from outside to inside, from thinking to feeling
- That all feelings are important and belong to you,
the positive and the so-called negative feelings
- That you alone are responsible for you, for your life and your actions
- Openness and truth, even against you and in your intimate relationships
- Respect and respect for your comparison
- Loving, sensual touch and receive pay
- Respect your body as a precious living temple
- Warm, open and sensual encounters with women and men
- To know your sexuality throughout, and to find healing
- The affirmation of your sexuality,
it is inherent to life and godliness
- The connection of your body, your heart and your soul
- The worship of nature, of man, animals and plants

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