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What is Tantra?

Sensual Massage Ayurveda

Ayurveda is much more than just a spa concept. The ancient Indians already knew over 5,000 years ago, what does the body, mind and soul and brings health in line. Nevertheless, we feel the gentle stroking massage movements as relaxing and not really therapeutic.

I will gladly support you thus stand to the side, you shall, however, the relaxation, enjoy the warm flow of the oil and feel the gentle strokes of my hands. My Ayurvedic massage is very gentle massage, and energy points of the body, the Marma points activated. Every body part is included in the massage, relaxed and activated. If desired, before the lingam massage relax an Ayurvedic body massage the body and prepare for the part of tantric.

For the massage, I use high quality Ayurvedic herbal oils or essential oils if desired corresponding aphrotisierende will.


Full body Ayurvedic massage

1.0 hours 80 € (without Lingam massage)

Full body Ayurvedic massage

1.5 hours 95 € (without Lingam massage)

Full body Ayurvedic massage lingam

150 € 1.5 hours (minutes incl.30 Lingam massage)

Full body Ayurvedic massage lingam

200 € 2.0 hours (minutes incl.30 Lingam massage)

*** Please understand that I am a mobile massage fee of 25 Euro in Hamburg and surrounding area (within 40km) calculated. Further distances by arrangement, if applicable parking fees incurred for actual expense .***

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